Pirelli Alice Gate AGPF-S0 - Can't access to Network -> Switch. How i can fix?

I have installed/upgrade my OpenWRT to latest in this router.
I use it as switch and use his wi-fi... it's connected by lan to another router (it's have as internet gateway)

For access to Luci i can use

Apparently all works correctly but when try to access to Network -> Switch it's appears two errors.

The first colored RED say "TypeError - portstate is null"

The second colored YELLOW Say "Switch eth1 has an unknown topology - the VLAN settings might not be accurate."

Both errros have a "Dismiss" button......... I also can see a "Infinite" loop spinning wheel say "Loading view…". I can also press on dismiss button but nothings append....... i can also wait 10 minutes but i can only see the spinning wheel...

How i can fix ?

I have see i can access to router use WinSCP or using a SSH client..... it's usefull ?
Thanks in advance if someone can address this issue.......