Pinning imagebuilder package versions


I have been using imagebuilder for a while, its a great tool. But as the days pass, openwrt team keeps on developing new goodies.

I want to fix the versions of packages and ignore upgrades for a while, in imagebuilder. Is there any way to using local files instead of online resources?


I assume you're talking about master, since the release branches are stable by their very nature. The best solution would be to compile your own firmware, rather than relying on the SDK (or, as an alternative, use the SDK and pull in all packages of that very same build so you can use them with the SDK.

By compiling, you can pull a git checkout and rely on that.

Create a local mirror of the packages and add it to repositories.conf, replacing the official repositories.

They aren't quite that fixed regarding package versions.

The user-space packages may get updated between the maintenance releases also in the release branches, so the available package versions do change.

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Is there any special method for cloning a openwrt repo?

Can I just rsync it like a classic linux repo?

Yes, rsync works well.

You might want to limit the download to the subdirectories for your target and package architecture.
Their URLs can be found in the Image Builder's repositories.conf, or in the file /etc/opkg/distfeeds.conf on a running system; replace with rsync://