Ping to trigger either DHCP renew or interface restart

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In advance I apologize if this is a duplicate topic - Unfortunately, I wasn't really sure how to articulate the feature I'm looking for and as such wasn't really sure what to search for.

I'm in Australia using the NBN with HFC (cable), I use OpenWRT OpenWrt 21.02.1 in a x86 libvirt VM. To use this NBN link, I only need request an address with DHCP and then I can use that address to route public traffic. That address will be usable for anything between 3 hours and a month. In an unpredictable time frame the cable modem will stop routing traffic (see no return traffic) and it will sit there until I restart the interface (which I imagine is just bouncing the interface and requesting a new address on the way back up). Once again my connection will continue to route traffic as desired.

I was wondering if anyone knew of a service/plugin/feature I can use to automate this - using some kind of probe or passive monitor to determine if the interface is not routing traffic and then attempt to renew the address?

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David Balnaves

DHCP should nominally renew the lease without issue, but yes, if you are having problems with that, you probably need a mechanism to bounce the port.

Check out Watchcat which is a watchdog that can trigger actions based on things like an upstream network failure.

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Hi psherman,

Thanks for this excellent response, this was EXACTLY what I was looking for. It's really great that it is integrated with luci too!

Don't suppose you know of a IPv6 solution too? The NBN uses DHCPv6 to obtain a prefix but not a specific address.

Glad I could help. I can't help on IPv6, but maybe others on the forum will have some ideas.

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