Ping time slow over VPN

Hi all,

I have an small travel router using openwrt. I also have wire guard and openvpn clients set on it.
I noticed that the pong time while using the router is significantly slower than not using it.

E.g to website1 with the router via the VPN (any) ping is around 800ms. Not using the router it is around 100ms, using hot spot on my 4g mobile phone.

Using my 4g+ phone with the same VPN server that same website1 ping is around 120ms. Without around 80ms. That's 4g mobile network.

Is there anything I can do or it's just that this is what this small router is capable of?

CPU utilization can result in poor network performance. You can monitor the CPU utilization from cli with top or htop as well as from the Luci, but that will draw even more resources from the CPU.

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In my personal experience with Nexx, Wireguard is the best as OpenVPN properly hammers the CPU and even causing packet loss. I also use Tailscale with exit node to my home network. It's based on Wireguard and it helps in case where UDP is not allowed on the network as they have relay servers around the world and connection is encapsulated via HTTPS.