Ping all game servers on launch

hello to all is it possible to have a system that would ping all game servers when launching the game? to know the ping?


You can use the collectd-mod-ping package along with luci-app-statistics to track the ping to all the servers you want.

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ok thank you for the answer for me the ideal would be a bit like an interface of this type


on the right you see all the servers, then I would block with banip all the list except the one closest to my home

The geographic information is fancy but useless. The ping graphs can tell you a lot more, not just the last ping, but also the variability of each server and the daily trend from your IP to the different servers IP.

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ok so if i put collect-mod-ip and luci-app-settings

I then have to add settings I think,

like the ip of my console

i has add this option and ip of my console

The packages are luci-app-statistics and collectd-mod-ping. You have more plugins, but collect-mod-ipstatistics is not adding relevant information. All you have to do is to enable the plugin and configure the IP of the servers you want to track, you don't have to configure your own IP. Your router knows it very well.

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ok so I have to add them 1 by 1 but how do I see it? on realtime graph I have a packet sniffer also behind the router that I use with wireshark