Pihole DNS configurat with openwrt

Hallo gays,

I setup my router on openwrt and would like to use my raspi again as DNS for ads and tracking etc...
now i would like that the DNS adress automatically is given to the wlan clients.
for lan i found the option but for wlan i don´t know where or how to do it.
Please for help

us my leptop and phone with WIFI

network > interfaces > lan > dhcp server > advanced settings > dhcp-options

Type 6,address of pihole

This is all you need to do. This will give all devices connected to your network the ip address of your pihole.

There is no need to set this up on the wan side, I would just leave all of that default it will just fill your pihole log with useless crap that does nothing.

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Yep: https://discourse.pi-hole.net/t/how-do-i-configure-my-devices-to-use-pi-hole-as-their-dns-server/245

Thanks alot for help geys....

this is the result of my dhcp-options
with Lan and WIFI the same, still need to tip it in manuell in.

after save and reboot

You should read the tip on your own screenshot at least.


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yes, emmm :roll_eyes:

anyway mucho gracias amigos :hugs:

it works now

That is incorrect you need to add a six and a comma in front of the ip address, it shows an example right below.


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