[pi4] keep modules (usb-ethernet adapter) over offline upgrade

hi, wiki and forum search did not help, so:

upgrading my pi 4 with openwrt is always a pain. i need an usb adapter as the second network device (wan in my case) and i need to install kmod-usb-net-rtl8152 . without this module i am offline after upgrade and restoring settings. to activate it again, i need to be online...

it seems, one can not download this module as a file and restore it via luci offline, sadly. or did not manage to learn how.

my current workaround is, to connect the pi 4 to a hotspot via phone, but i would prefer a better way, which works offline...

what can i do?


I have a RPi 4B with a TP-Link UE300.
What I do is download the firmware image I want to flash and from the same repository (fitting versions) kmod-usb-net-rtl8152, kmod-usb-net and kmod-mii.
This is because kmod-usb-net-rtl8152 has a dependency on kmod-usb-net which has a dependency on kmod-mii.
So if you want to install them via Luci the order has to be as follows:

  1. kmod-mii
  2. kmod-usb-net
  3. kmod-usb-net-rtl8152

Kind regards

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Build your own image with the required packages already included.

thank you, that could help! still unclear for me, probably a stupid questions: where do i dowload these kmod modules? in the mirrors for 21.02.01 e.g. i don't find it.

this would be cool, but i don't think, that i am at this level. :frowning:



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There is not much to fear when using the online imagebuilder. Be brave, try it! :slight_smile:
Online ImageBuilder and Upgrade Server

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:grinning: will try

man, fooled by a folder name...
thanks a lot, even for the detailed links! :star_struck:

I use a smart switch to not need a 2nd interface. Router on a stick. Internet is trunked in on vlan35.

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