PI4 image with expanded fs?

my 1st time trying to set up a pi4 1gb as a openwrt router and its driving me round the twist. mainly around the expanding of the FS. I only use linux versions on my other Pi's and don't have another system with card reader that has Linux installed on it. so I'm totally stuck as I believe the only way to resize the fs is via another linux machine?

I have found a few images with expanded fs online, but they all have other customisations that im not interested in. Basically im after a vanilla snapshot for a Pi4 that has an expanded fs and nothing else in ext4

does anyone know either a way to expand the FS live on the unit or where i can DL an img file with an expansion already done.


I have previously put the Raspbian image on a USB stick and booted the Pi4b from the USB stick. Then I insert the microSD card and run the resize commands. Then reboot with the USB removed and microSD in. Inconvenient but it worked.

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usb stick i do have... thanks for the suggestion, i agree though a cumbersome solution

Or buy an sd card reader for $8 and do it on your linux machine