Pi3 Mobile Ad-hoc Mesh Network (MANET)

was wondering If there was anyone that had success setting up a mobile ad-hoc mesh network completely from just pis? I have seen tutorials with people setting up meshnetworks connected to their home router using the batman routing protocol, but that was with openwrt before they seemed to team up with LEDE.

If anyone could point me or provide any advice in the matter it would be hugely appreciated as i currently feel lost.

the closest i have been to the desired network is configuring four Pis to an ad-hoc (IBSS) network and exchange messages through netcat and TCP ports.

Sorry if the information is trivial, computing is not my background as i am a broadcasting student.

Thanks again.


Yes, here some options for this

NOTE: you need add a supported USB WiFi Dongle that supports Mesh mode (onboard wifi chipset not support Mesh

LibreMesh Add-Hoc and 802.11s (default)


Web Builder for LibreMesh


Add OLSR support to OpenWRT/LEDE build






Here is a list of some compatible adapters