Pi Zero W and BT Keyboard

I've installed OpenWRT on a Pi Zero and would like to use a BT keyboard to communicate with the router. I've installed Bluez modules but still don't see any controllers. Anyone have any experience with doing this?

I had recently spend a lot of time with USB network adapters and onewire protocol on OpenWRT-enabled RPi, but have not used bluetooth so far.

The learning curve can be a bit more steep, as some config structure differs a bit from other device types.
E.g. the Rpi boots from the kernel stored in that one FAT partition (a partition that other device types do not have), before it ends up in the actual OpenWRT partition.
Mentioning it, because the config.txt file (which is the same as in any official Raspberry OS firmware images) in that non-OpenWRT FAT partition may need to be adapted for certain HW features, before some features are actually available from within OpenWRT. Maybe Bluetooth needs some configs to be made in that file as well.

(also the OpenWRT default image comes very naked/ plain/cutdown to absolute basics for RPi. Many packages that are default-there on official Rpi Os are optionally to be installed on OpenWRT).

I did an end around to fix my problem. I am using my pi zero as a router with two wireless interfaces that connect on the swan side to a hotspot. So in order to configure the router to use the second wifi dongle I had to connect both to a USB hub. I really didn't wanna do that because I'm trying to keep this as self contained as possible. Battery pack for power and just a usb mini wifi adapter for the second interface. Like I said I was trying to find a way to finish the config and not use the hub. Found another way. used rc.local to finish the config and enable to the interface. Worked like a charm. No need for a keyboard or usb hub