Pi Sim card 4G LTE Modem firmware

I've been looking at 4G LTE for my home internet and have come up against a hurdle. The Telcom industry advertises unlimited plans but makes a distinction about mobile hotspot data. Mobile hotspots are subject to datacaps and charges of $10USD/GB for data use beyond the cap. People can just activate a card, ATT tablet plan is popular but those who take this route are at risk for ATT pulling the plan for spoofing the device.

I think the industry is reclassifying the same data in order t monetize it. The data that goes through a cell tower is the same whether I'm looking at the OpenWRT website on a cell phone, tablet or my computer attached to a 4G LTE enabled router.

It is possible to make a device that is not mobile (not battery operated) and not a hotspot (no wireless capability - just a modem.
USB dongle:

M.2 Card:

This modem could connect directly into a computer or router in the same manner as a Cable/DSL modem. The Telcoms would not have any legal justification in capping an "unlimited plan" and levying overusage charges.

OpenWRT has arm based firmware but it would also need the M.2 card driver and the Luci tab/command line instractions to configure the cell link.

Is their interest in doing this?

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