Pi in the sky V (Raspberry Pi 5 support)

These are commands you type (or copy-and-paste) into your terminal. The lines starting with # are comments and are not executed.

So to Download and update the sources:

  1. Type git clone https://git.openwrt.org/openwrt/openwrt.git and press enter.
  2. Wait until the operation completes. It involves downloading the sources so it will take some time.
  3. Type cd openwrt and press enter.
  4. Type git pull and press enter.

And so on for the rest of the commands, except for make menuconfig. This step will present a screen that allows you to pick which target and packages to build. The "Build system usage" page I linked earlier has a more detailed explanation:

When you open menuconfig you will need to set the build settings in this order (also shown in this order in menuconfig's interface):

  1. Target system (general category of similar devices)
  2. Subtarget (subcategory of Target system, grouping similar devices)
  3. Target profile (each specific device)
  4. Package selection
  5. Build system settings
  6. Kernel modules

You really only need to configure settings 1, 2, and 3, in that particular order. For the Raspberry Pi 5 you want to pick bcm27xx as the target system, bcm2712 as the subtarget, then pick the Raspberry Pi 5 target profile. You might also want to configure setting 4 to build and include LuCI into the image.


Looks like snapshot is now working again. I was able to install additional packages and install using ext4 custom image.

Modify cmdline.txt if you are doing usb boot install
console=serial0,115200 console=tty1 root=/dev/sda2 rootfstype=squashfs,ext4 rootwait

Modify config.txt if you want to turn off leds and ignore voltage warning

#turn off leds
dtparam=pwr_led_trigger=default-on # The default
dtparam=act_led_trigger=default-on # The default
#disable high current warning