Pi hole inside docker in raspberry pi 4 with openwrt question


I'm using a raspberry pi4 as a router with OpenWrt. I have an extra raspberry pi 3b that I was initially thinking of using as a DNS server (raspbian with pi hole), however, maybe I can safe it and just get a docker container in my pi4 with rpasbian + pihole.

Is this a good idea? or should I go with the separate setup?

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I was thinking the same thing before, but the process of docker (using it as user few times some times ago) seems far more complicated especially with the network setting etc.

maybe others have better experience?

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Did you guys do this?

I have recently been able to accomplish this with docker on OpenWRT x86 and using macvlan interface. The idea is to have PiHole container as if its attached to LAN and has an IP address of its own, this can be done using macvlan which is basically creating another virtual interface bridged to the physical interface of the LAN in OpenWRT.

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