Pi CM4 with LTE Board

Hello everyone!

I'm new to OpenWrt and very excited to use it. :smile: Because this will be my first time using OpenWrt I have some newbie questions.

The hardware I want to use:

Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 4GB RAM, 16GB Flash, WLAN + BT
WaveShare Dual Gigabit Ethernet 5G/4G Base Board

Later adding:
LTE modem / SIM card

Would you be so kind and give me a hint which packages/drivers I need? Where can I read something about it?

At first I need to follow the instrucions by Waveshare. I can use the eMMC version, but is this good in terms of backups? I think a backup of an sd-card is easier, what would you recommend?

Do I then need other packages?l

Packages I found out I could need are:

  • usb-modeswitch
  • kmod-mii
  • kmod-usb-net
  • kmod-usb-wdm
  • kmod-usb-serial
  • kmod-usb-serial-option
  • kmod-usb-serial-wwan

Thank you a lot!