Pi 4 - Cannot connect to wireless network / No internet wired

I was having a lot of issues with the stock image for a Raspberry Pi 4B so I went with the Wuldy image. I installed it and the only changes I made was to go into the wireless file and enable the wired radios and change the locale to US. The radios are active now and I can see the SSID of the default AP, but when I attempt to connect, windows tells me that it cannot connect, after a long wait of "Checking Network Requirements". I got it to connect a time or two, but not often and it would not stay connected.

I also created a client mode to test connecting the Pi to my home network but when I wired to the Pi, I had no internet incoming.

It seems something is off with the radio portion of this and while Wulfy's image got me a lot farther than the stock image, my only issues since the beginning have been with the radio/wireless side of things. Has anyone else had any of the same issues?