Php uhttpd and nodogsplash

Right, NDG is a lite version. Never tryed Coova chilli so im going to take a look.

Another solution wich im goin to try is ZeroShell wich is an LinuxOS mean to handle networks and yes, you can set up and captive portal.

In my case what i really want to do is to set up a captive portal wich every user must click on my JSE banner - see JSEcoin - A criptocurrency that mine a couple of coins for every click and dont need a lot of resources to work, very lite.

This way i give "free internet" and i monetize trought this coin.

To a more deep understanding take a look at their web.

So, to everyone that is interested on this proyect maybe we can make it work.

EDITED: @rogerio24 okey i found a stunning solution . OPNsense. Just check the Captive portal features.

Hi mate thanks for the info
Have you setup this?