i am not sure if it works well.

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K3c... is it any good? Did you manage to make it work properly? What are the current limitations/Issues?

I flashed the openwrt image dated 4-19-2019 on my A1, it works. I still have the same issue I did even on stock firmware with this router. In AP mode, wireless clients sometimes cannot get an IP address. If I put a static ip on the client, I can ping the device from the k3c and the client also ping the k3c. However, the client cannot ping other devices on LAN or to the internet. It generally fixes itself after 10 minutes for an unknown reason. DHCP is disabled, firewall is disabled.

Every other access point besides the K3Cs are fine.
3.10.104 kernel

Well, it sounds like unfinished bridging that is complicated due to the topology nature. It gets fixed once every new mac is in the AP the arp table...
I would rather use it in well supported routing field :slight_smile:
As for the firmware - where is the current repo you use? - I have got one of those and want to try it out :slight_smile:

I got it from here:

Interesting issue, K3C is behind pfsense (
k3c wan port assigned
k3c lan

From the k3c, can ping all devices on network including pfsense.
Cannot ping anything outside:, etc. Set DNS as well, does not help.
EDIT: Disabling firewall fixes this. This is most likely Openwrt forwarding issue, not related to k3c.

Where? In pFsense?

On the k3c, I did not touch pfsense.

Well, it means your forwarding rules are not properly set :slight_smile:
Is your NAT "on" btw? Double NAT is a great source of trouble.

@vov4ik_il russian?

A fake one, too many typos ))
I do speak Russian if that helps...

ok.the day after tomorrow I will write solutions to some problems. but wrt 15.05 is not rock solid like we have now.and intel/phicomm just corrupt this os. @paldier really correct many,many issues.but still a lot of work to be.

I have one here and can do some testing, it is vanilla with no extra i/o populated...
What are the current issues/limitations?

original firmware is just crap .i have c1 version and this is just pure shit....sorry, must go to sleep,working tomorrow.......

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Testing out the openwrt image some more, it is unfortunately quite buggy. Trying to go to network -> wireless and scanning does not load any networks, but it works via: iw dev wlan0 scan. Unfortunately it is quite finnicky to setup a wireless bridge without luci.

your pfsense changed some datapacks, k3c could not find who requested them,so k3c drop them
set your pfsense do not change any pack or let your pfsense see you

good news,i found PortMirror/Link Aggregation/LANasWAN code in netgear ax4,and kernel is 3.10.104


wow! it's great!!!! :+1:

How far did you guys get with this one?

I was looking at BT Smart Hub Type B BT Smart Hub (Home Hub 6) Type B
and it seems to have similar (or the same CPU/SoC).
WikiDevi, so wanted to check if GRX350 support is adequate.

Please excuse my ignorance. I started with the popular links and have read through all 120 posts trying to understand what to do (from sdk's to building out the firmware and the various versions and updates but I'm still truly lost.)

I recently acquired a K3C Router B1 Version (China version) and I'm trying to flash it with any sort of english firmware as there doesn't appear to be any way to change the menu to English as it was designed for the Chinese market.

Is there a .bin file available to flash it to something more usable. I'm coming from an Asus N66U where one could simply flash a Merlin firmware and away one goes, but this is a whole new ballgame that is far more complex.