Phicomm K2P: Wifi not working when bridged

My device is Phicomm K2P,version A1.
firmware:OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r12570-f68c48f / LuCI Master git-20.074.84698-03af89a
When wireless and wired interfaces are bridged together,the wireless network will not work.
Wireless on a single network is fine.

Can you help me, thank you!

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Can you post here the following? Use preformatted text (the </> button) when you paste console output.

uci export network; uci export wireless; \
uci export dhcp; uci export firewall;
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There is no problem with all the configuration files, because I have been using OPENWRT, and I have IGMPPROXY installed. Will it be the problem caused by this?

The wireless interface is access point or station (client)?

The wireless interface is AP mode。

From what I can see in the device page there is a limitation of Concurrent 2,4 and 5 Wifi. Is that connected to the issue?

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