Phicomm K2 upgraded with wrong firmware


I have PHICOMM K2 PSG 1218 rev. A. I upgraded it with firmware for router PHICOMM K2 PSG1218 rev. B. It took long time and the router is still in upgrading process. I turned the router Off and then turned On. The router now is not accessable through web browser. I tried to reset the router via Reset button, but not solved and still not accessable. So, could you please help me to recover my router to its firmware.


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First try connecting via ssh, then have a look at (and try ssh again), if both of them fail, your router's device page in the wiki and thee commit adding support for it for recovery hints. If neither of those work, serial console access might still be possible, if not, you have to make a decision - got knee deep into flash rewriting or going shopping (in many cases the later is a more viable option).