Pharos and openwrt transparent bridge

Dear all.

i want to make transparent bridge between cpe210(pharos) and tp link 901nd (openwrt)..
is that posaible please any advice....

Assuming you're familiar with Linux-based bridging and iptables, OpenWrt behaves much as any other Linux-based OS. Configuration of bridging and firewall can generally be done through UCI, though you may need a module such as ebtables to be able to apply firewall rules to a bridge.

i am not such skilled guy can you explain in simple way. . . like we do in ubiquity devices. or i must change the pharos to openwrt ot what???

Do you mean a point-to-point wireless link that bridges two network segments like

Do you use more than one VLAN for your wireless network? If not, "WDS" bridging is perhaps the easiest approach.

A mesh-based approach such as 802.11s and B.A.T.M.A.N. is also possible and has advantages if either you have multiple APs that could form a mesh (can improve connectivity), or need to trunk multiple VLANs.

yes you are right but i am talking about cross plastform L2 transparent bridging.
between ubiquity and openwrt
or between pharos and ubiquity

Ubiquiti often uses proprietary protocols, so interoperability can be a challenge. Perhaps helpful would be