Pfsense and multi-SSID wifi on different Vlans

Hi everyone,
I'm here to ask for some tips to finish configuring my r7800.
My network is made up like this: Modem -> pfsense -> switch netgear -> openwrt.
As main router I have a pfsense firewall already configured, on which there is a LAN and a Vlan30 network for guests.
On openwrt I would like to create two different wifi networks and assign some ethernet ports to them. On pfsense there are already the rules that block the communication of the two networks and openwrt must do the same.
My managed switch is a netgear on which there is the vlan1 or lan and I have already added the guest vlan30.
I would like to use the same port to transport vlan1 and vlan30 to openwrt, for example switch port 5.
To use the same port, is it correct to put the Tag of the two vlan on port 5? Or for only vlan1 must be Untag?
On openwrt I think I understand how to configure everything except the virtual switch.
My switch is made up as follows: CPU (eht0) CPU (eth1) LAN1 LAN2 LAN3 LAN4 WAN.
Lan1 and Lan3 ports must connect other devices to the LAN, instead Lan4 and WAN must connect some devices to the guest network. Lan2 is connected to the netgear switch on port 5.
Should the configuration be like this in the openwrt virtual switch?
Vlan1: CPU-eth0: Tag Lan1 / Lan3: Untag Lan2: Tag
Vlan30: CPU-eth0: Tag Lan4 / Wan: Untag Lan2: Tag

I would like to know if it is correct.
English is not my first language, I hope I have been clear.
Thank you all, of course correct me if I did something wrong.