Permissions required for uci usage

We are running a program under a non-root user and we would like to be able to use the uci interface in order to update the configuration file. However it doesn't work (no error messages) unless we do it from a root user. Just changing the permissions of the files is not suffecient. Would anyone happen to have an idea?

Use ubus/rpcd call to a script to update uci?

The question is what permissions are required in order to perform such actions by a non-root user,

If you use the uci cli or libuci, then write permissions to the config file itself as well as /tmp/ directory should suffice. If you manipulate uci via ubus, then write permissions to the ubus unix socket are required, as well as appropriate ACLs in /ush/share/acl.d/ to grant non-users access to needed ubus uci procedures.

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Thank you very much.

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