Performance issue ZTE MF286D

Hi all,

i'm using OpenWRT 22.03 snapshot-r19441 on this router and i'm experiencing performance issue on WLAN or LAN.

My 4G provider can give me 130Mbit (down)/40Mbit (up) of bandwidth. Doing a speedtest from the router itself (using armhf speedtest-cli) I can achive full speed. Problem starts when i'm doing tests from WLAN or LAN.

On the router i've installed irqbalance (with 2s of sampling), without enabling "Software NAT offload" I can use almost full bandwidth using LAN cable, but drops about 20-30Mbit/s using WLAN. Enabling "Software NAT offload", WLAN can reach full bandwitdh, but LAN drops with the same speed of WLAN withtout offloading.

Any suggestion?