Perform reset enough?

Im running a Netgear r7800 and finally moved from kong dd-wrt to Openwrt. I have been experimenting with the different builds, Kong and Hnyman including the trunk versions. I have been only doing a "perform reset" in between these builds but have noticed residual packages still floating around in the filesystem. Matter of fact, when I enabled https in Hnyman build, the cert showed CN=Kong? In dd-wrt, I would do a erase nvram command, will this work on the openwrt partition? I have seen other topics mention sysupgrade-n or firstboot but are those just another variation of perform reset?

AFAIK overlay is just formated during flashing/upgrading. So it is possible that there are things left.

umount /overlay
jffs2reset -y

jffs2reset is part of the fstools package (you have to install this probably). after this all additional installed packages and taken settings should be purged. jffs2 partition is recreated during reboot.

ok Ill give that a as far as you know, dont try the erase nvram command?

There is no nvram tool for OpenWrt available. It is a DD-Wrt only tool.
Basically both tools erasing the flash space where the permanent settings are stored. Maybe that nvram has more functions. If you want to know more ask or search about the flash layout of this device:

I didn't find anything about flash layout on device page. oO

thxs for the info....ill try your suggestion

So I ran the commands...after the jffs2reset I got a /dev/ubi0_1 is not mounted
/dev/ubi0_1 will be erased on next mount
writing /dev/ubi0_1 failed bad file descriptor.
reboot and nothing changed
Any ideas?

How did you flash OpenWrt from DD-Wrt? My last shot to fix things would be flashing a factory image through tftp.

As described here:

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I reflashed stock from Kong...then I installed Openwrt via GUI...Im good, I deleted Kong cert.