Per feed update url

In my project, I added custom feed from my git repository. It builds fine but when I wan to update the package from running system, it says, that there is no such repository on default server.

I have investigated a little bit and there is configuration option VERSION_REPO as descibed in Change build distribution feeds. The problem is, that it changed all update URLs to this value. I would like to change update URL just for my feed and keep default for all other feeds.

Only option for me is to provide mirror for all packages and put there also my own repository. This is currently not possible for me.

Is there any way how to overide update url jsut for one feed? Some configuration file in feed directory?

with the image-builder you can override /etc/opkg/customfeeds.conf and distfeeds.confg

if you understand bash, it in a function that override with the image-builder/files directory:

function setup-image-builder-and-build()