Per-device kernel configuration


I'm trying to support a new device (RT5350 based) . However there is one "issue", that I cannot solve.
The board requires a specific kernel module to be built-in (CONFIG_SPI_GPIO).

I didn't find any way to do this for this device only. I don't think it's a good idea to modify the common kernel configuration, as this may break other boards.

Is there any ways to do this? Maybe (probably) I'm missing something?

There is no supported way to do this. Since all devices of a given target share the same kernel, the kernel config has to be generic among them.

The only two choices I see are a) enabling CONFIG_SPI_GPIO and regression-test the other devices [preferred] or b) break out your specific device into another subtarget [unlikely to get accepted upstream].

long shot but an initrd could fill your niche..... or at least in a few cases similar to this....

lost art i tell ya :wink: