People tell me where to look?

openwrt is connected to a regular router and when you change the ip on a regular router,
dns stops working until you restart the https-dns-proxy service, the ip address on a regular router changes with a reboot ,
for example, the light blinks, it will reboot and until you restart this service, dns will not work.
Installed luci-app-https-dns-proxy. What can or how to defeat this attack? I assumed that the https-dns-proxy service
binds to the gateway of the first router and when this gateway changes, this service continues to use the old gateway and
does not update the new one. This is just a guess. What can I do with this besides how to change the provider, please tell me

If you change the "regular router's" IP then you also disconnected your OpenWrt from the network.

Solution: Stop changing your upstream router's IP.