[PENDING]I'd like to contribute

Please note

Understood. Luckily I am in a niche segment of web development that demands code to be as lean as possible. So one has not fear the introduction of jquery or the likes :wink:

However, unless I am mistaken there is a new higher minimal requirement for mem in the newer versions of OpenWrt. That does not influence my instinctive way of coding though. I keep it as close to the core as possible.

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It's young people starting out relatively late, only exposed to frameworks that pose a danger to the soundness and quality of the code.

veterans that are well versed in the nitty gritty know better than to introduce a ton of weight without a good reason.

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Ubus does not get exposed on any network-interface, it's not designed for that. You'll still need to be running something on the router to handle communication between the clients and ubus.