pcWRT: simplified UI with IKEv2/WireGuard/OpenVPN, VLAN, WiFi scheduler etc

pcWRT is a OpenWrt build with an easy to use UI, making it more accessible to people with a less technical background. In addition to the normal functionalities you'd expect of a router, it supports:

  1. Up to 4 WiFi SSIDs per band

  2. A weekly WiFi scheduler for you to turn WiFi on/off automatically at specified times

  3. Three VPN protocols: IKEv2, WireGuard and OpenVPN. Both client and server.

  4. VPN server guest user mode, so that you can allow friends and family tunnel their Internet traffic through your network without giving them access to your local network.

  5. Easily manageable VLAN configurations, with total control of cross VLAN communications.

  6. Resetting router password via email, without the need to reset the router.

Currently several hardware platforms are supported. We should be able to add more if there's popular demand.

The advanced users may consider upgrading to our Premium version, which provides advanced functions such as Access Control (aka, but should not be limited to, parental control), Ad blocking, Bandwidth Monitoring, VPN split tunneling, DNS over HTTPS, native DDNS service etc.

Demo site here: https://demo.pcwrt.com
Firmware images are available here: https://www.pcwrt.com/downloads/


are you trying to sell us a closed source openwrt fork :smiley: ?

I've always thought that OpenWrt would benefit from an easy mode interface with a setup wizard on first use. I know that doesn't fit the typical use case of people hanging out on these forums, but it would be great for recommending to family and friends.

That wizard could be similar to what retail devices do - i.e. setup WAN, wifi, guest wifi, maybe QOS/SQM (with an automatic speedtest if possible). Beyond the initial setup wizard, you could add "apps" with their own setup wizard (parental controls, VPN, adblock, wifi schedule, etc.). Not unlike what pcWRT is doing, but I was thinking as a free/open option.

Thanks for asking. Our Premium version contains some proprietary software. The LITE version you can download is pretty much a plain vanilla OpenWrt build with an easy to use UI. We'll publish the UI code soon so that you can build your own image if preferred.

Show me some code...then we can talk :smirk:

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Show Source code as you said. We are waiting

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Where is the Source code?
You Should NOT Clone the Firmware.Very Unfriendly!

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Someone know how can Rollback to openwrt from pcwrt?