PCIE drivers to dectect NVME SSD

Hi I have attached my NVME SSD to my openWRT and it got detected under pcie connection: lspci
00:01.0 PCI bridge: Device 0e8d:0801 (rev 01)
01:00.0 Non-Volatile memory controller: MAXIO Technology (Hangzhou) Ltd. NVMe SSD Controller MAP1202 (DRAM-less))

I am trying to configure it as NAS (Network Attached Storage) on my OpenWRT, I have seen tutorials on NAS configuration with usb storage device with installing appropriate usb storage drivers, but in my case what are the pcie drivers are needed to be installed so my SSD will be recognized as storage point on /dev/nvme* ? So i can further configure it for NAS.

what hw is this ? x86 ?

and it's not showing as /dev/sd* ?

I read a point, NVMe is an interface specification. Under Linux, the devices are enumerated as /dev/nvmeXnY , e.g. /dev/nvme0n1 and /dev/nvme1n1.

if you already know everything, why are you asking us ?

how about you answer the questions instead ?

No i am still a beginner, I only read this point so i mentioned it in question, my NVME SSD is not recognising at my /dev/, so what are the drivers need to be installed on openWRT, so my NVME SSD can be detected on /dev/?

still not answering all of the questions.

mips architecture and it not showing as sd* device at /dev.
root@OpenWRT:~# uname -m
root@OpenWRT:~# ls: /dev/sd*
No such file or directory

Post ubus call system board too.

Have you installed kmod-nvme?


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