Pcengine apu3a2

Hi to all.
Do you have any experience to use lede on pcengine apu3a2?
Does it work good as well as apu2?

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apu2c0, too

Have you seen this: https://wiki.openwrt.org/toh/pcengines/start ?

Ah, Thanks for the pointer.
In short, it works well, doesn't it?

NP. I haven't actually tried this. I've just read the above links as I've been looking into PC Engines and was curious about LEDE/OpenWrt support.

Ah, OK. Anyway thanks!

It's pretty much an x86 board no, so shouldn't LEDE just boot on it? You could try to load a ramdisk image for the APU2 and see how far you get? Still an AMD APU, Intel Gigabit, so...

Sorry, I did't explain well enough.
I have some experience of lede and apu2c2/4. It works well. They are x86_64.
I wanted to know there are any differences between apu2c and apu3a or apu2c0.