PC to router doubt

Hi good morning! I have an old PC that has a Pentium 4 and the chipset is INTEL FW82801EB F423NA74 SL73Z. Wich firmware should I download to transform my PC into a router?
And also I have another question. I´ve been runing the program from a pendrive and when I try the connection to my PC the internet is stuck at 0.5 to 2 kbps of upload. Is this beacuse the firmware version or is something about hardware.

Those numbers are the southbridge chip, not the CPU.

Only a few of the later Pentium 4 CPUs support x86-64 mode, so you probably want the "generic" build, which is 32 bit.

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Be aware that systems of that vintage typically had an idle power consumption of 115-130 watts, doing nothing. That tends to get rather expensive quickly, a dedicated device (with power usages ranging between 5-20 watts) usually pays for itself in about a year or less. Using such a p4 system for more than 2-3 weeks is therefore rarely a good idea.