Pc installation vs router

I know this question is not new.

Today, my OpenWrt 19 Pc installation broke. So I will seize this opportunity to install OpenWrt 21. But I have this dilemma. Should I continue using the pc o should I move to a router. I use my OpenWrt for router of course, DHCP and DNS server, My home firewall and OpenVPN and WireGuard servers. And duckdns. So far I have never had any resources problem.

For the router, I use an Asrock D1800M (celeron) with 4gb of ram and a 128gb SSD(I what I have available) and a second network card. For my Wi-Fi, I have an access point.

For replacing this PC I have a TPlink Archer C7 v5.

Beyond recovering the pc for other possible projects. Am I going to gain something by switching to the router?

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