PC Engines APU2 board config not working?

Hi! It seems that the LEDE board config is not working correctly on PC Engines APU2 platforms. I'm using 17.01.4-stable and did compile an image with all needed packages/modules as described in the wiki.

In /etc/board.d there are three files left over after first boot:

LEDE # ls /etc/board.d
01_leds             02_network          99-default_network


  • 01_leds does not set any LEDs in /etc/config/systems
  • 02_network code should set all three Ethernet interfaces correctly according to the code (eth0 and eth1 bridged to LAN, eth2 assigned to WAN) and probably does so during boot, but 99-default_network replaces the settings with a default setup of two interfaces only.

I tried to manually execute 01_leds, but it hangs on cat and if I got it right, it is the cat in following line of the function board_config_update():

[ -f ${CFG} ] && json_load "$(cat ${CFG})"

Is $CFG set at first boot? Should board_config_flush() create this config file if called manually after boot?

Are the files in /etc/board.d supposed to be deleted after they have been executed as it is with the files in /etc/uci-defaults?

Could a developer please give me a pointer to where look next to understand the board configuration? I did search the sources, but still couldn't get the full picture how the new board config does work, i.e. which files I need to modify to get LED and network setup working on APU2 platforms.

Although I could set hard-coded values for both, I would be willing to test this further and get automatic board configuration running if it might help other APU2 users.

Thanks in advance!