Pbr wireguard or vpn whatsapp app

good day guys , i have a qustion about pbr , anyone has use it for whatsapp app , because my freind have a problem with whatsapp he can't calling outside his country but the problem the whatsapp has a too much ips and domains.
thanks for advance

I'd use the pbr policy to affect the MAC/IP address of the device "your friend" is making the WhatsApp calls from and maybe even a dns policy for that device as well.

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Hi, thanks for your idea, but i explain to you why i need like for every app or website, i made the pbr for YouTube for blocking ads , and Another for opening website in usa so the problem i don't what the whole connection using vpn for each device.
Note u can use the pbr to blocking YouTube ads that good idea you can test it if you want.

If/when you find the solution for all WA/Meta servers world-wide, feel free to post it. There's a section of README pbr where I would link other people's gists/videos, I'd like to include your WA/Meta and YouTube ads blocking suggestions there.

sure , i have the Deeper connect device ,this device has alot services like pbr and ad block etc. but i'm big fan openwrt, i have 14 routers openwrt so i learn now how the deeper connect makes tunneling for each service and apps. now for youtube ads its very easy to remove on openwrt just install Pbr and wireguard or openvpn , add the domians or ip of youtube servies, but attention you need russian connection vpn,
why russian vpn connection? because google removed all the ads fro youtube and youtube music in russia because of the sanctions (March 10, 2022: Given the recent suspension of Google advertising systems in Russia, we'll be pausing the creation of new Russian accounts on AdSense, AdSense for YouTube, AdMob and Google Ad Manager. Additionally, we will pause ads on Google properties and networks globally for advertisers based in Russia) so if you want wireguard russian connection i know a website give u 10GB connection speed for free and stable no backdoor also , with pbr u can use it just for youtube and u still in your country i mean for another services.