Path to Auto-update?

Not that it was necessarily a blocker but with 21.02 including TLS certs, I wonder if pushing towards OpenWRT auto-updating would be useful? It doesn't need to be implemented all at once. In fact, I was envisioning the first phase being something like:

  1. Ability to use URL in LuCI for flashing
  2. Update availability checker
  3. Automatically determining correct URL for flashing from
  4. Displaying release notes in LuCI
  5. Manual button in LuCI to actually do the update

Once confident in the above, then we could try to make it truly automatic. Thoughts?


most of these topics are already on the table in some form or another... the key constraints being 'auto-anything' and reliability...

this suggestion is valid and not so often discussed and very worthwhile...

as a roadmap... the steps youlve listed are quite practical and do-able... assuming security/user consent implications are addressed...
(although... I think you'll likely find many unsatisified when all their packages are missing :wink: )