Patch bdata on Redmi AX6 for permanent SSH and telnet?

Hi, does anybody know how to patch bdata on Redmi AX6 as mentioned here?

It would be useful for OpenWRT, but also the stock firmware as the newer versions of the stock firmware keep denying SSH access.

Thanks a lot!

That should be the same as for the ax3600 and is hidden a bit towards the beginning of that thread. Basically you dump the partition, edit it with a hex editor and fix the hashsum, before writing it back. It's described in detail in chinese, but the various online translations do a good enough job.

i patched two ax3600 with this: OpenWrt support for Xiaomi AX9000 - #179 by bruda

should also work with the AX6

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I will try this guide, but I hope I will not brick it. Almost everything is the same for AX6 and AX3600, but there are still some minor changes, including the device name.

be sure to use it with chrome as i‘ve got errors with safari. I looked into the code. It seems the AX6 (model R69) is included.

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Thanks. This guide seems quite easy, but I will give it some time. I would have to flash back to Xiaomi Firmware, then I would have to open SSH again (which is quite annoying on AX6, using the second OpenWRT router), and then I could play. I have just compiled and flashed @robimarko's repos, twice... quite enough for today haha.

I might look at it during the weekend if I find some time.

Thanks a lot for the guide tho, it really seems ok for AX6 as per other comments under the guide.