Pastebin package feature request

As title reads, i want to suggest a feature/package for pastebin. So users can easily upload files to pastebin, maybe with private mode set as default option.
openwrt seems to lack this support completely.

I hope some happy coder find the usefulness in creating such a tool. ?

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Can you install it via opkg?
If that line(s) is all you need, why is this not part of opkg package list already?

Because it only needs curl, which is installable, the rest's command line params.

Ok, but is that a reason why its not part of opkg package? I mean, should everyone find those params by their own?

Noone bothered, most people would just C&P the text, and post it on pastebin using a browser.

Ok, will you make it into a package and upload it so it's part of opkg package list?

Nope, I don't see the point, but feel free to contribute.

I don't know how to do it.
Though i don't really understand why botherd to answer in the post if you wasn't interesting in sorting this out. The post clearly states that i want to see this feature and are hoping for someone who are willing to sort it out.

Basically all you have done is wasted some air.

Because it was easy solvable w/o using any package in the 1st place?

Why build a bride, when the waters 10 cm deep?

Because you have to do it every time you need it, and there is proably a whole lot of people out there who would find it useful. Just because you don't see the need of it, it does not mean that others's cant.

Do what every time?

If you feel lazy, put it in a one line shell script...?

I can, but i thought it would be a great idea if people could search for this in the opkg search function and then install it that way. Like a feature, a service for others.

Was that wrong thinking?