Password reset on tplink routers with lede installed

is there a way i can reset my password? on tplink 940n v4 with lede installed on it...disabled ssh and failsafe mode....

by using usb_ttl thru serial port...? is there a chance

If you've got serial port access, you should get a console if it's still booting up. passwd should let you change the password.

See the instructions for re-flashing using TFTP if you don't have serial port access.

Edit: I see that the WR940N also has "challenges" with its serial port. On my Archer C7, I need to use a resistor to "pull up" the RX line. I'd look carefully at the instructions on the WR940N page and make an informed decision before shorting things with solder blobs.

nice one...............thanks a lot god bless