Passing kernel parameters

I want t use chan_lantiq in a Fritzbox 7360 and as wiki mentions I need to pass some kernel parameters.

But my issue is that in a simple pc I could just modify the grub configuration to do so but in Openwrt I do not know how to (no grub available).

Where should I pass extra kernel parameters? Also
free -m command shows:

              total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   available
Mem:         121284       24116       75416        1076       21752       61180
Swap:             0           0           0

So which is the appropriate memory address in order the firmware to be loaded?

In your wiki article they are defined in DTS file before compiling firmware:
model = "VGV7519 - KPN Experiabox V8";

chosen {
	bootargs = "console=ttyLTQ0,115200 init=/etc/preinit";
	bootargs = "console=ttyLTQ0,115200 init=/etc/preinit mem=62M vpe1_load_addr=0x83e00000 vpe1_mem=2M maxvpes=1 maxtcs=1";

You should specify them, and build your custom image.

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