Pass a value to luci module as dynamic address

Hi . i`m new in luci . i had module in luci that get a static address in entry . then show a static HTTP message .
This is my code .

module("luci.controller.myapp.mymodule", package.seeall)
function index()
    entry({"click", "here", "now"}, call("action_tryme"), "Click here", 10).dependent=false
function action_tryme()
    luci.http.write("Haha, this is my message...")

now i want to get a dynamic address in entry then show a dynamic HTTP message .
i want to have a code as below :
entry({"click", "here", Variable }, call("action_tryme"), "Click here", 10).dependent=false

then have a HTTP message that write "Haha, this is my " <Variable> .
Could someone help me please ?