Partition Manager (x86)

Has anyone given any thought to a partition manager utility for x86 hardware?
Doesn't seem hard. I'd have difficulty with the UI part.

When you get new X86 hardware, you boot OpenWRT from a USB stick. Set up networking as normal. Then add the "partition manager" package, with a Ui to do the following:

  1. Divide the HD into multiple OpenWrt partitions, with a single grub boot loader.
  2. Download OpenWrt images directly from site, and install in specified partition.
  3. Copy configuration from one partition to another, and install any additional packages.
  4. Set Grub boot order.

afaik, it even has some fancy grub fallback boot magic...

imho... default partition layout is best done with factory (or via an automated preinit stage)... on system user tasks are a recipe for trouble...

Interesting, thanks.

The other thing I was thinking of, is that GRUB can be made to work on a serial port. So you could have a completely headless x86 machine, with say a Raspberry PI as a SSH to serial bridge.

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