Partition a SSD & Installation LEDE on APU2C4

Hi Everybody...
a short question about installation of LEDE on APU2C4...
I have a SSD with 128 gb as mSATA connected to my APU2C4, I use it for a pfsense build... the build of pfsense is ok & make automatically the partition of the SSD with entire capacity.
Because LEDE offers more flexibility & a very good SQM (with cake or fq_codel), I've installed it on my APU2C4...
it wasn't complicated, in 2 minutes it was installed with a little problem... it make the partition of my ssd with just 256 mb, how can I make it with entire capacity of SSD like pfsense??? thanks :slight_smile:

Hey there.

I guess you need that space for a reason, don't you? Something like NFS share or Samba?

I'd suggest to leave the LEDE partitions as is, just add a new ext4 partition covering the remaining space and mount it to wherever you need it.

Of course there are ways to adjust the build scripts. And there are ways to adjust file systems of existing drives. But I tend to keep prebuild stock LEDE builds wherever i can. Adding space by not adjusting the entire partition scheme but simply adding new space where needed falls into that exact same direction.

Benefit of that: If you somehow fill your NFS share of Samba share up to 100%, that doesn't conflict with your routers main task since the OS partition is separated and has still some space left.


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Thanks Stephan, but you mean it is no need to make a partition of the SSD & more space to win for the file system or installation of any packages later??? because from 128gb capacity just 256mb available for Packages installation, or 16mb available for kernel & file system, isn't it advisable to increase these numbers??? Ok 10gb for example for build, & 100gb as NFS Share???...

usually you don't need more than 256mb for root, install fdisk, make a third partition and format it as f2fs, and auto mount it with block-mount. you should be able to sysupgrade without losing the data from the third partition

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Thank you all... I will do it...

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