Parental Guidance issues

Hi all,
I am completely new to OpenWRT and network configuration and it all pretty much goes over my head! However, I have a BT HOmehub 5A that has been flashed and I have changed the settings to work with Sky/Now broadband.
I have also got two Wifi extenders all working OK - well for the last few hours anyway.
What I wanted to do was to block kids access to Wifi during certain times.
I have followed the Parental Control Guidance and implemented but they do not work. I think it maybe due the extenders not inheriting these rules, but that's just my basic guess!
I was also considering the guest network idea, but know this sometimes causes an issue for chromecasts which I have a few of.
Im using the web interface as the SSH lets me in but whenever I put a command it it says permission denied!
Id like to understand OpenWRT but its a massive subject to start from scratch on! Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Cheers

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I think the lack of replies here comes from your post being somewhat vague as to what your issue actually is. I'll try to see if I can get it going.

I understand you have followed something from these guidelines:

And I suspect you are referring to having implemented blocking Wi-Fi using MAC addresses.

I have a feeling your Wi-Fi extenders may not be in bridge mode.

What that would mean is that your OpenWRT router is seeing all the traffic from devices connected to the extender as coming from the extender itself. So, if you were to block your kid's tablet using its MAC address, the extender would see that MAC address but your router would only see the MAC address of your extender.

Tablet ----> Extender ----> Router

If you were to run your Wi-Fi extenders in bridge mode, they would become "transparent" and the device would connect directly to the router. At that stage, the router would be aware of the device MAC address and be able to act on the traffic.

A good way to check is to see if you see your kid's tablet as having a DHCP lease in the OpenWRT Interface (knowing its connected). The alternative being that you only see the extenders in there.

If anything above doesn't reflect what you were trying to do and how it fails for you, can you give us more details (which guide did you follow, what fails, what extenders you use?

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In case, you are willing to dive deep into openwrt: I am just about to publish on github a more advanced Parental Control System, which should also solve your problem.
However, will need to build custom image.

You are invited to monitor

for details.

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Hi Vincent,

many thanks for your reply. I appreciate you explaining this in a way that I understand!
Yes I have a Netgear EX8000 that is an extender and also a TP Link re580D in extender mode too. I wanted to retain the same SSID. This has all been relatively stable so far.
Therefore, if I put them both in bridge mode will the same SSID be used and create the same coverage etc?
What I used to do prior to OpenWRT, albeit getting away with it, was to plug and old Tenda router into a port on the Now broadband router and that gave a separate "Kids Network". The Tenda app enabled me to block individual devices and certain times and to put website blocklists. It was good when it worked but always got drop outs of the main network, probably due to conflicts as out of the box the Tenda uses dynamic IP.
I wanted to simplify the network by dispensing with the Tenda and use the Firewall rules on OpenWRT. However, as a means to get my kids online today I have plugged the Tenda into the RE580D and assigned it a static IP in the Tenda app and so far so good. Im certain this wont stay stable for long!!
So I think my choices are to put my extenders in bridge more and then apply the firewall rules to the devices,
or retain the Tenda "Kids Network" as it has a decent app to quickly change access times if I get convinced to give them an hour longer!!
My current network has no use of lan on the OpenWRT router, however I am using two LAN ports on the EX8000 for CCTV and one for a chromecast. Everything else, other chromecasts, tablets, phones, laptops, cameras, speakers, connect over Wifi. The majority of these connect to the Main WIfi. The devices "owned" by the Kids - chromecasts, speakers, phones, tablets and laptop all use the "Kids Network". The Tenda app, therefore allowed me to cut off their internet supply very easily should the need require!
Be grateful if you could advise which is the most stable and robust method for what I wanted to achieve.
Many thanks for your patience!
Forgot to add - yes it was tose instructions I was following to add the Traffic Rules. Thanks

Many thanks - that would be awesome.