Parental control to allow 30 minutes of a specific website?


I want to allow my son to only be able to access to youtube for 30 minutes per week days. Is this possible with any openwrt package?

I havn't been able to find this.


Adblock + custom block list, and cron, access would however be based on time slots, not actual time online.

Haven't used it in a while, but I think this is possible with:

You setup a hotspot on your router, client logs on to the router via portal, you can setup time based packages.

There's also but it's additional commercial hardware, non openwrt related.

I have a custom ruleset which uses an nftables quota to allow a certain number of bytes each day. That's another option.

Thanks. I want him to connect at any time he wants but for a limited time only.

Rethinking about it, he usually connects then binge-watches so I guess that if this kind of functionality doesn't exist as an OOB I could trigger on the first access to the site of the day, then trigger a countdown of 30 minutes from there?

You should look on something device specific like google family or apple families

Works with domain names? Could you link?

It's a complicated set up, and it isn't running on OpenWrt. But the basic idea is I'm running a Squid proxy, and I have the squid proxy firewall mark the packets when they're supposed to be limited (based on requesting IP address of kids computer, and youtube domain name), and then the firewall accounts packets with that firewall mark towards the quota.

Interesting approach, that should work, in principle. However, isnt there the issue, that quite a few (or all ?) youtube domain names resolve to google adrs, which also are used for other google services ? Or, in other words, won't that also limit/block other google services, like search etc. , and not only youtube?

the actual video data comes from and squid goes by the domain name not the IP address. So it works very well. Actually the big problem is that my kids watch videos at lower res and so they still can get too much time on youtube... I've tried various things but YouTube has a tendency to automatically reduce its res even if they don't do it manually. obnoxious.

I remember, that YT reduces/increases res depending upon measured speed to client. Thus, usage of delay pools might help here a bit, to better estimate approx data volume for the allowed time. I.e. having 1MBit/s max speed, further decreasing res will not be so good to watch.

You underestimate kids willingness to sit there watching Minecraft YouTubers on lowest possible res with window maximized for hours and hours :joy: