Page update of General requirements for OpenWrt support - out of date?

Hello, I have a question about updating General requirements for OpenWrt support section of page Supported devices, and update of message box about "do not buy devices with 4/64 MB. This page was last modified 2021/04/06 16:38 by sorcun, can you provide more info on supported devices which has 8MB flash and 64 MB RAM, is it supported for extend usage without problem etc.
Sorry for bad English, it is not my primary language.

The table of hardware is pretty easy to filter on this data.

“Support extended usage”, no.

The simple truth is that if you want extended usage. Don’t buy stone-age equipment without current support. You really have to search for new devices with less than 128/256MB flash and 1GB ram since a lot of years now.

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8mb flash devices will be dropped when the 23.05 release is EOLed.


in October 2023 I purchased tp link archer ax23 because of wifi 6, released 16th of June 2021, which has 16MB of flash and 128 MB RAM, when would be 16/128 combination discontinued? After 5-7 years? Or sooner?

I don’t know. The question is more like, do you want to think about it?

It is also not about supported as such but more of can it withstand the network speed and data management speed you have in 5years?

It is also the fact that 1GB flash is smaller than 64MB flash.
And 1GB ram is the same as 8GB ram.

People see memory as a strange thing that grows like a godzilla, big and small in electronics is like they are comparing a Ferrari with a bus or highway truck when they actually all are all Ferrari's, but the bigger and faster you get the cheaper it is.

It depends on the growth of the Linux kernel.

AFAIK it's grown a lot lately.

But obviously not by another 8MB.

Without any numbers to back up the statement, I still think you should be ok for another 5 years.