Page time-out at "cgi-bin/luci/admin/system/flashops"


I have made some additions to the luci backup / restore script , dramatically increasing execution time resulting in page time-outs during backup / restore.

What is the best approach to deal with this?

a) Some sorta page keep-alive?, progress bar? best way to implement?


b) Increase script time-out for "cgi-bin/luci/admin/system/flashops" page. How do this for nginx?


if you are using luci on nginx then you need to increase time out for uwsgi

IMHO not a solution...
A good way would be to execute the thing in the background (outside the webui) and ajax every 500ms for the progress (a simple in progress or completed/idle should be sufficent)

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Thanks Ansuel;

Hoping you (nginx pro) would answer. Agree that global uwsgi time-out problematic. Suggestions re best example package to snag the ajax poll code from?

Here's what I am working on: (entire site: running in openwrt x86_64)

for the poll code you can check how index pages get the data (luci) and how the data is send

It's all in luci code.