Packet Pushers - improving QoE for ISPs with LibreQos & cake

We did a podcast recently talking about rust, ebpf, XDP, cake and libreqos here:

I would like very much for OpenWrt to continue improving its support for XDP, and even more so, to see something like the epping RTT sampler ( ) appear in it. It is really wonderful to watch sawtooths going by in real time, it's like music:

As for "libreqos" on OpenWrt, well, right now that's a lot of C, rust, and python that would have to move over, ultimately to an OpenWrt base, and while I think the python will slowly go away, the rust component will continue to increase.

We could use rust bindings for libuci, in particular, but there is a ton to be done to make this run here, and I lack the time to tackle it. It would be cool if there were some way to bind UISP and OpenWisp to OpenWrt (is there a way?) so it could configure cake on more CPE also.

Anyway, I had fun doing that podcast, hope you enjoy it - and am yet a little apologetic for abandoning y'all (and wifi) for the last nine months for working on stuff that can now crack 25Gbit. I hope I can fit a little time in on wifi again soon.


I use OpenWISP to deploy sqm configurations which enable cake so I think it is possible.
Does OpenWrt need sqm to have cake enabled or can it be done without sqm (and if yes, do you have a config sample)?

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cool! I am not very involved in openwrt right now, I hope more folk dive in.

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