Packet Loss, tracerts, bufferbloat

Hello everyone I wanted to explain here full detailed what problems I have been having, and since I'm a new user I cannot posted the picture and the whole scheme here, so thats why I decided to paste here the thread I made in reddit today, but unfortunately I didn't had any single answer yet
Hope someone can be kind enough to explain me if this is normal?

Are you able to clarify how OpenWrt factors into your question?

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I would love to learn how to do it properly without bricking the router, as I'm not the only person that uses the router. And see if by adding OpenWRT to this router improve/changes the things for better, as I'm getting 100% packet loss through programs like WinMTR while connected my pc to this router, but if I dont connect this pc to the router, and direct to the fiber modem, the WinMTR doesn't show any packet loss.

Is OpenWrt currently installed on your router?

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Nope, I'm just on stock firmware. and the model of this router is:
Xiaomy Mi Router 4A - Model: R4AC, Sku: DVb4230GL

If that's the case, you should ask on other forums that can provide support for the stock firmware. This forum is specific to OpenWrt and directly related networking. Stock firmware is out of scope and off topic here.


Install OpenWrt and we can help you here. I don't know if yours is the 100M, 100M International, or Gigabit edition, but all three are supported:


That's the problem,me neither, I don't know if I have 100m, or 100 international, I have the box near of me but can't see that.

This seems to suggest 100M international.


Got it, is there a youtube video or guide, to do this properly? to install everything.?

But that is not what your first mtr result shows...
Here is a handy explainer slide deck for how to interpret traceroute/mtr results:

The important part in your first mtr result:

is that loss to the endpoint is "only" 2 percent, loss to intermediate hops that does not persist to the endpoint is likely the result of rate limiting ICMP or changing routes and really is irrelevant to your lag-experience to the remote end-point.

I guess your problem might be related to your location and your server's locations... to reach the the servers in (likely) Miami from your country you need to pass over a sea cable where your ISP might or might not be connected well-enough, also there are signs of potential double NAT along your path which while not necessarily a problem will certainly not help either...

Hello thanks for your comment and the pdf guide of tracert, the first tracert is this is the router, and the second winmtr that has is the one test to the modem direct, question is why do router show loss in 3/12 hops? while the modem doesn't
I read in other forums on netgear routers that this happen because anti-DDOS, or something, but anyways I will be reading the PDF, thanks.