Packages update consuming more space than expected

Why is it that when updating a package of size, e.g., 53kb, to a new version of (let's assume) 54kb, the memory consumed is a lot more than 1kb. I've recently updated (not installed; updated) 3 packages and what should have been a minor difference in space consumption, turned out to be more than 700kb... This happen both for default packages (already installed & system packages), and manually installed packages.

I'm puzzled... Each time I update minor packages, I'm seeing lots os space consumed.

the original one isn't overwritten, since it's stored on a read only file system.
you're adding a 2nd binary to the rw:able part of the flash.


I see...
Is there a way to revert back to using the packages on the read only file system?

resetting the device will wipe all packages installed post flash.

you could try to create a custom image using the online image builder, perhaps it automagically adds the most recent version on any package available, but I haven't checked.


Fair enough. Thanks for the support!

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